3rd ICPEM Lectures 5

I know!  I am late again.  What can I say; they are keeping me busy. Charles Macias, MD presentations were my favorite maybe because he summarized pediatric research of 2013 in A SINGLE PRESENTATION! You don’t believe me? Check it yourself.

Top articles of the past year

Acute abdomen in children 

Approach to a febrile child

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26 years old male known case of hyperactivity disorder, works as a demonstrator of emergency medicine in Qassim University + deputy chief resident SPEM-B. Former chief editor of SPEM-R's Blog. Passionate about emergency medicine, electronic learning and improving local health systems

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One thought on “3rd ICPEM Lectures 5”

  1. Thanks Fahad .. I’ve been waiting for this one (^^)
    I do recommend the Top articles in Peds!
    Good stuff!

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