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December Sessions !


aloha guys !

So here is what we ( myself and Abdullah AlFahhad ) have planned for you in December !

Environmental and Neurology , are what we are brining to you this month,in a more easier and simpler way.

We will conduct our (nearly two hours) sessions three days per week , Sunday,Wednesday and Thursday, starting from 17:00. Rescheduling the starting time is possible upon majority request .

Other side sessions as ; Ultrasound findings,important clinical decision rules and AudioVisual cases,etc. will be scattered in between sessions . Plus the daily morning report done at the hospitals,sparing Mondays.

Interns are also going to be a part of this month, with ECG basic sessions, approach to a trauma patients,Acid base disorders,etc.

Venue : King Abdulaziz Medical City , National Guard Hospital , Emergency medicine department , the classroom at level one


Our schedule for the upcoming four sessions ,

Wednesday 2/12   19:00.          High Altitude Medicine + Radiation

Thursday 3/12       19:00.        Scuba Diving and Dysbarism + drowning

Sunday 6/12     19:00     Heat illnesses + Electrical and lightning injuries

Wednesday 9/12     19:00.   Accidental hypothermia + Frostbite

With MCQ’s covering the topics we are covering.

quite interesting huh ? 

Environmental chapters are the kind of chapters that u read it for 5 minutes then get distracted from the next an hour or so ! sessions will make it possible to grasp and memorize.

Neurology doesn’t need any introduction actually , topics as Stroke,Seizures and headache approach are high yield topics , which needs a lot of attention.

Feel free to email me for any inquires or suggestions at

Stay Tuned !