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Core Review

السلام عليكم

 الكور ريفيو  سيقام في الجامعي خلال ايام رمضان وما بعده 

وان شاء الله يكون مفيد للجميع..

بكره ان شاء الله اول ريفيو – وراح يكون نيورولوجي مع د.لؤى الأهدل 

الساعه ٩:٣٠ مساء راح نبدأ 

أتمنى من الجميع يفتح الرابط المرفق ويأكد حضوره من عدمه عشان نعرف العدد

وبالتوفيق للجميع

Everyone is welcome, it will be directed to both levels juniors and senior

Core review

December Sessions !


aloha guys !

So here is what we ( myself and Abdullah AlFahhad ) have planned for you in December !

Environmental and Neurology , are what we are brining to you this month,in a more easier and simpler way.

We will conduct our (nearly two hours) sessions three days per week , Sunday,Wednesday and Thursday, starting from 17:00. Rescheduling the starting time is possible upon majority request .

Other side sessions as ; Ultrasound findings,important clinical decision rules and AudioVisual cases,etc. will be scattered in between sessions . Plus the daily morning report done at the hospitals,sparing Mondays.

Interns are also going to be a part of this month, with ECG basic sessions, approach to a trauma patients,Acid base disorders,etc.

Venue : King Abdulaziz Medical City , National Guard Hospital , Emergency medicine department , the classroom at level one


Our schedule for the upcoming four sessions ,

Wednesday 2/12   19:00.          High Altitude Medicine + Radiation

Thursday 3/12       19:00.        Scuba Diving and Dysbarism + drowning

Sunday 6/12     19:00     Heat illnesses + Electrical and lightning injuries

Wednesday 9/12     19:00.   Accidental hypothermia + Frostbite

With MCQ’s covering the topics we are covering.

quite interesting huh ? 

Environmental chapters are the kind of chapters that u read it for 5 minutes then get distracted from the next an hour or so ! sessions will make it possible to grasp and memorize.

Neurology doesn’t need any introduction actually , topics as Stroke,Seizures and headache approach are high yield topics , which needs a lot of attention.

Feel free to email me for any inquires or suggestions at

Stay Tuned !

What matters in EGDT?

What matters in EGDT?

1- Does EGDT reduce mortality?
2- Should EGDT be the standard for sepsis?
3- Are all elements of EGDT protocol still necessary?


FCR on 20/10/2015 title will be  

Mechanical Ventilation and the points that we will go through are :

1- MV in ARDS and Obstructive lung disease 


2- Permissive hypercapnea 


3- hemodynamically unstable patients on MV


the links :