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EBM Workshops for the Academic Year 2014-2015

Greeting all,

We are going to have 2 EBM Workshops (duplicated) focusing mainly on critical appraisal of therapeutic and diagnostic articles, as follow:-

1st workshop: 9 September 2014 , 8 – 12 am

2nd workshop: 23 September 2014, 8 – 12 am

They will take place in KAMC-ED Conference Room.

They will be provided by Dr. Majed Alsalamah and Dr. Abdulmehsen Alsaawi.

Each resident is allowed to register in one workshop, and maximum of 16 resident in each.

Any resident welling to join, he can contact me through email (, first come first served.

Priority is for potential R2, however, all are more than welcome to join.


Thank you and good luck

Abdussalam Alshehri

Ex-Journal Club Moderator