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Educational day pearls B-1

This is going to be a regular feature – as much as I can- for track B residents. Track A and seniors residents, somebody is going to do it. I will blackmail abdulmohsin or somebody so they can do it but for now this is a tack B feature only. What I am going to do is that I will pick some interesting facts from our discussion and put them down in short points. You will probably need to look them up afterwards since the information presented is very brief. I do this for myself to remember the discussion but take them as they are, just notes. Follow me after the break…

On the 18th of this month or two days ago we had our activity at SFH. Here are ten pearls:

– Shoulder dislocation … site for all kinds of reductions from Ahad, here it is. Here is the one I was talking about click here.

– Seizure can be a presentation of DKA even in a known seizure disorder patient.

– Sodium correction factor for hyperglycemia might change from 1.6 to a correction factor 2.4mmol/l for each 100mg/dl. Check this out.

– Do an X-ray before reducing joints if you got time, for medicolegal issues.

– Never give a T3 in the ED for Myxedema coma, it will cause a V-tach. Use T4.

– Consult endocrinology early for thyroid emergencies.

– 93% O2 saturation is the new low normal value for saturation.

– Endocrine emergencies NEVER present alone. Search for a cause for decompensation, infection, non compliance etc.

– Oral hypoglycemic agents’ overdose will get worse after giving dextrose. Consider octreotide early.

The tenth one is empty for you guys to fill it in the comments.

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  1. I will dare to ask, what is the evidence and utility of using a drip in acidosis anyway? It is only going to trap acid in the brain as far as i remember.

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