bye march

March in short

We are glad to launch our blog in its New Look. We spent a lot of time fine-tuning it; however, we will still continue the bumpy ride till next week or so. Please be patient.


I can’t believe March is over!  Well, indeed it is. Let us sit back, relax and review in short what happened in the past month…

–  On the 17th of march we launched our website as a result of the resurrection team commissioned by our beloved program director Dr. Majed Alsamalah, led by both Abdulmohsen and myself .  I gave up spelling your name man; it is exhausting.

–  On the 31st we closed our website and changed the host. As a result the blog was down for a good 24 hours.

–  More than 5000 views from all around the globe in less than two weeks. Thanks guys for your support.

– 40 posts and 10 pages and 4 mini projects … and we are just starting.

–  Extra journal club session was conducted on the 17th.

–  Four residents got invited to speak at the 3rd international network conference taking place in Dubai by the end of April.

–  Total of four educational days conducted. More than 20 lectures and educational sessions.

–  Ahad and Wed got sick, Rami had a twin girls.





fahad alhajjaj

26 years old male known case of hyperactivity disorder, works as a demonstrator of emergency medicine in Qassim University + deputy chief resident SPEM-B. Former chief editor of SPEM-R's Blog. Passionate about emergency medicine, electronic learning and improving local health systems

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