No More Books!

Hello SPEM Residents and welcome to our new gate to the Social media and  #FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education), I’ll illustrate more on FOAM later on .

Do you like books ? I Doubt that !

I’m Abdalmohsen Ababtain. I’m gonna be moderating our website with Fahad Alhajjaj, so if you have any Questions, suggestions or even new ideas don’t hesitate to approach any of us.

Today, I decided to talk about other ways of learning emergency medicine apart from the usual textbooks. Though I think most of the residents know what am I going to introduce, yet I find it important for all residents to utilize these resources and get the greatest benefit available .

So let’s Start :

1-      First of all Register in the blog with us so you get our Program announcements and latest updates.

2-      Register with EMRA through here to get benefit of their membership it’ll cost you 70$.

3-      By then you’ll have an account as a Resident, which gives you access to all of these benefits of their membership

Now get an access for

4-       Emergency Medical Abstracts

5-      EM:RAP Podcast

6-      EB Medicine  (will Help you in preparing your presentations)

7-      Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine 

8-      Annals of Emergency Medicine

9-      Sonoguide: Ultrasound Guide for Emergency Physicians

These are some of the gates to help you with keeping yourself updated, don’t forget the basics from either Rosen or Tintinalli because nothing substitutes these textbooks.

This is how it should be !


You sitting there surrounded by cables and a tablet and having your blessed cup of coffee.

That’s it for now, Catch you Later guys.

If you have any Questions don’t hesitate to ask me and I promise I’ll do my best to answer you ..

Abdalmohsen Ababtain

Senior Emergency Resident at Saudi Program of Emergency Medicine Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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