podcast of the week

podcast of the week

hello and welcome everybody to Podcast of the week mini project. Yes i know that is a very lame entrance but i am so tired and sleep deprived so bare with me it will get better i promise. What is a podcast? podcasts are audible material that you can download to your iPod or any other device -depending on the publishers preference- and there are lots and lots of them in all aspects of life, some are free some are paid, in a sense they are radio “shows” so to speak, they became a popular platform of delivering medical education lately due to the easy accessibility and set up. In emergency medicine, there are a lot of podcasts with varying degrees of quality, and as i mentioned earlier i basically travel to NG – i am not kidding, sometimes i have to stop for gas– and i got into the business of listening to podcasts on the way to pass time. I listened to a lot of what is available, i listened to paid, free and discontinued projects and still do to this moment. Hopefully we will visit one of them every week, i will tell you how i feel about a particular podcast trying to be objective as much as i can and you can tell me what you think in the comments. It will be concise and short review with simplified ways of how to access and or download the podcast in question. Feel free to comment, compliment and shout at me at anytime regarding my reviews and i hope you enjoy reading them as much as i enjoy writing them.

fahad alhajjaj

26 years old male known case of hyperactivity disorder, works as a demonstrator of emergency medicine in Qassim University + deputy chief resident SPEM-B. Former chief editor of SPEM-R's Blog. Passionate about emergency medicine, electronic learning and improving local health systems

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