Statistics in Medicine! How good are you?

Hey Guys .. It has been a while since my last post. I was super busy with many things. Let’s start by this question:  How good are you in Statistics and EBM? Were you feeling comfortable while attending our journal club? Or even when you were having a talk with our EBM guru Abdulsalam! If you want to improve yourself and have a good firm ground to stand on, I encourage you to take this course which is provided by the well-known Stanford University. It has already started on June 24th and it will continue for 9 weeks (1 block/week). It is worth mentioning that if you maintain 8-12 hours a week you’ll earn a statement of Accomplishment. I know most of us are preparing for their exams, what you can do is register and you’ll be able to view the course content even after it ends.

All best of luck

Abdalmohsen Ababtain

Senior Emergency Resident at Saudi Program of Emergency Medicine Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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